Sunday, April 1, 2012

Girlfriends Films Donates $1000 to the Gutt-macher Institute on Behalf of AVN Editor Mark Kernes

April2012-20The Guttmacher Institute was selected to receive a gift of $1000 from Girlfriends Films, on behalf of AVN Media Senior Editor and Chief Legal Analyst Mark Kernes. The donation to the Guttmacher Institute is the April selection for Girlfriends Films’ monthly charity program. The April donation choice by Kernes goes towards ensuring higher standards of sexual and reproductive health for all. Kernes explains his selection of the Guttmacher Institute. He says, “In a world where the mass media go out of their way to spreadmisinformation about sexuality—particularly women’s sexuality—there is one shining light consistently presenting the counter the religio-conservatives: The Guttmacher Institute. Kernes continues, “Girlfriends Films is to be congratulated for being willing to ‘step up to the plate’ and encourage and help other members of the adult community make this country a better place to live in with its charitable donations. Bravo!” Mark Kernes of AVN