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"It all started with Girlfriends Films..."
That's the first sentence from AVN Magazine's cover story on "The New Wave of Lesbian Erotica." And an unconventional start it was, with Girlfriend's first movie being a cutting-edge, real-life documentary on lesbian sex hatched in a UCLA filmmaking class. As with that project, we are still committed to bringing exciting new products to the adult movie industry.

Today, after eight years of constant evolution as a filmmaker, Girlfriend Films is the most successful and undisputed leader in lesbian erotica. Our distributors tell us that when we release a new DVD, it outsells the new-DVD release numbers of all other lesbian studios combined. With over one thousand scenes under our belt, we continue to learn from each shoot so that the next ones will be better.

As the AVN article notes, Girlfriends spawned much of its competition as a number of people have tried to imitate what we were doing. Today, those companies work at the creative level we were at two to four years ago. So far, none has come up with anything approaching the magic and success of our own Women Seeking Women, Mother Daughter Exchange Club, Road Queen or Imperfect Angels. Rather, they have merely reshuffled the cards and are commonly noted to have "the GFF look." It is axiomatic that one cannot lead or innovate when one imitates.

We recently became only the second recipient of the adult industry's Leadership Award (the other company being Adam & Eve). This is now awarded annually to the company or individual that best exemplifies the highest level of innovation and good business practices. Receiving this award is the greatest honor in the adult industry, and with it comes the responsibility to continue to set the best examples for others to follow.

Please check out our very popular on-line newsletter for lots of photos as well as updates on upcoming movies and new girls. You should also visit our fan forum, which is now approaching one hundred thousand posts.

Our physical facilities are located in a business park in Reseda, California, where we have state-of-the-art video editing bays, our warehouse and business offices, our creative offices, and our sales & marketing offices. We provide our 13 employees with health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and company-funded 401(k) retirement accounts. No one has ever quit or retired from Girlfriends Films.

Before closing, I want to thank all of you who have purchased our products. It is an honor to be in this business and we NEVER forget who pays the bills. Because of you, each year we make significant contributions to various charitable causes, with an emphasis on those that ultimately benefit those who support us. We take seriously our responsibility to look beyond the profit margin, see the wider world around us, and know that we have the ability to create positive change. You can follow our charitable giving at girlfriendsfilmscharities.com.

Dan O'Connell, President

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  1. Having looked at other sites, I have to admit you do seem to keep on the edge of new ideas, and story lines that result in the most fresh and erotic lesbian scenes around.

    With that in mind, how does one pitch a new idea that only a forward thinking erotic lesbian porn company such as yourself could handle with the same eroticism as your current films? AND it actually ties in with another part of your company as well that I for one appreciate your actions on.

    Curious? I hope so, and you will not be sorry for just listening, and at the end, just say no if you don't find it to be a VERY original never done before idea. What do you have to lose?

    I hope to hear from you.