Friday, June 1, 2012

Angela Sommers Selects Doctors Without Borders to Receive $1000 from Girlfriends Films

July2012-14I choose to give my donation to Doctors Without Borders. I only wish I had the skills and knowledge of a doctor to be able to help people in need of health care. One thing I can’t stand about health care is that is a business.a rather large and profitable one. I don’t think it should be treated that way at all! I know doctors need to make a living and be respected for the hard schooling it takes, but everyone deserves the right to be healthy and to be helped, no matter how much money they make. A doctor taking his or her time and skill (and risk their lives in many cases) to help others in need, knowing that they are getting nothing in return other than the fact that they helped heal someone in need, is probably one of the most beautiful and selfless things anyone can do. Everyone needs to help each other more in this world and stop being so selfish. People who donate to this organization help pay for doctors’ travel expenses to third world countries to help people in need. With this donation, I am happy to join the others who help facilitate health care of the disadvantaged and needy. Angela Sommers