Monday, December 1, 2014

Tattoos Cure Cancer Chosen as Girlfriends Films’ December Charity

“” Tattoos Cure Cancer has been selected as Girlfriends
Films’ December charity. Tattoos Cure Cancer (T.C.C.) is dedicated to helping those who struggle
with the disease by raising awareness and funding. Girlfriends Films will support the non-profit with
a $1,000 donation.

Founded by tattoo artist Adam Guyot in memory of his father, Tattoos Cure Cancer raises money at
live events, using tattooing and its popularity as a vehicle to make a positive change. A variety of
cancer ribbon tattoos are available at T.C.C. attended events, as are official T.C.C. shirts, designed
by famed tattoo artists.

Money raised by Tattoos Cure Cancer goes directly towards helping individuals and families struggling

with cancer and in need of financial assistance. Donations to the organization also support the
pediatric cancer research divisions of children’s hospitals around the United States.

“I am happy to welcome Girlfriends Films to the TCC family,” says Tattoos Cure Cancer founder
Adam Guyot. “Their generous thousand dollar donation will go directly towards helping a tattoo artistmmin Indianapolis win her personal battle against breast cancer.”

In 2014, the Girlfriends Films Charity Program donated over $20,000 to a wide array of philanthropic
organizations, from medical institutes to animal sanctuaries. Charities supported the past
year include “” Alzheimer’s Foundation
of America, “” Movember Foundation, “http://www.standup2cancer.
org/give” Stand Up to Cancer, “” National Alliance to End Homelessness,and more.

To join Girlfriends Films in supporting Tattoos Cure Cancer, visit “


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