Sunday, December 1, 2013

Girlfriends Films’ December Charity Donation Benefits the Brain Trauma Foundation

On November 16, in Phoenix, Arizona, a promising young and recently married engineer had a seemingly simple accident. He fell off the back of a golf cart, striking his head on pavement. He was immediately taken to the hospital where – due to the severity of his injury – two parts of skull were removed to relieve pressure on the brain. Despite heroic efforts, the young man, Tony died nine days later.

Tony didn’t work at Girlfriends Films, but he is the brother-in-law of Moose, who heads up our sales & marketing effort, in addition to taking care of most of Girlfriends Films’ business affairs. Those who have watched our membership-site talk shows or kept in touch with our forum know Girlfriends Films has grown into a close family, from which nobody has ever quit or retired. We consider Tony a family member.

This month, to honor Tony, we are making our $1,000 donation to the Brain Trauma Foundation, headquartered in New York City. Founded in 1986, it facilitates research on brain injuries, publishes guidelines for treatment, and provides information for patients and families who deal with brain injuries. They even have a special program to assist field medics working in combat zones.

While nearly all of Girlfriends Films’ monthly donations are specified by our performers, our traditional year-end charity donations are selected by management to benefit our customers, whether they are at the wholesale level or are our ultimate consumers. This event was a reminder as to how unexpectedly catastrophic accidents can happen to any of us. Hopefully, none of us will ever suffer such an occurrence, however, we give now so you and your families will benefit from their services if the unspeakable ever does happen.

To join Girlfriends Films in donating to the Brain Trauma Foundation, visit

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