Saturday, February 1, 2014

As 2014 opens, there has been no decline in the free-speech battles that the adult industry continues to wage. AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which received great attention and undoubtedly even more donations when it featured a gay couple getting married on a Pasadena Rose Parade float, is leading the charge against porn filming. With their fabrications and lies about STD transmissions on adult sets, they have been very effective in slinging lots of mud on us. Free Speech Coalition leads the adult industry’s defense but does so with a budget that is only a fraction of the budget spent by AHCF.

Sadly, there seems to be more and more headlines about child pornography cases. No companies within the industry would ever exploit a child. The one famous case was Traci Lords, of course, but 30 years has passed since that debacle. Since then, nearly everyone in the industry has demanded a government-issued photo ID from all performers, even our oldest MILF’s. Today, child porn only takes place between individuals, not adult companies. Still, the average person reading such headlines can be quick to condemn our industry. Our other industry trade group, ASACP (Adult Sites Against Child Pornography) is a watchdog organization that looks for child porn and, upon finding them, reports such cases to local and federal authorities.

As usual, Girlfriends Films is among the leaders when it comes to funding these organizations. We donate at least $1,000 each month to charitable causes. As January loses, we are donating $1,000 to be split by Free Speech Coalition and ASACP. We encourage others to do the same, especially the many companies in the adult industry who so far given nothing while riding the coat tails of the short list of responsible companies like Girlfriends Films.

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